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[INFO] Ban Appeal

Posted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:01 am
by Truckie


If you feel as if you've been banned due to an unjust or unfair reason, we encourage you to file a Ban Appeal so you may have the chance to get unbanned. Please note, that if you are caught lying in your appeal, then it will be denied and you will stay banned and if your ban is temporary, the amount of time will be increased due to your lying. Be honest in your appeal for the best chances of becoming unbanned, we're here to have fun!

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[hr][/hr][center][b]BAN APPEAL[/b][/center][hr][/hr]

[b]Date of Ban:[/b] Answer Here
[b]Reason for Ban:[/b] Answer Here
[b]Name used when banned:[/b] Answer Here
[b]Staff member who banned you:[/b] Answer Here
[b]Service you were banned from (Discord/Server):[/b] Answer Here
[b]Why should the staff team consider unbanning you:[/b] Answer Here
[b]If you think this was a false ban, elaborate as to how it was false:[/b] Answer Here